Our Green Mission

Our Green Mission


It was the year 2012. 

My husband and I were living in Brooklyn, New York...  

I had just started getting into making fresh-pressed juices for us.  Gabe was a busy DJ - often working into wee hours of the morning and making a fresh veggie juice to recover and catch up the next day had become our ritual.

Our favourite recipe was carrot / spinach / parsley / celery - which took me about twenty tries to get just right.  We loved our veggie-filled, nutrient-rich recipes.


When we finally got down to creating recipes for Good Life Juice, I was totally obsessed with veggie-based juices.  I loved how they made me feel.  I loved how I could cold-press 2-3 pounds of veggies at a time and chug back all that goodness quickly and efficiently.

It was like every cell in my body was dancing with glee!

At the time, cold-pressed juice has starting hitting the market.  It was becoming more and more trendy too.   A lot of really well-known juice companies were offering fruit and veggie based recipes.  They were blending popular flavours like apple and kale together to make the green ingredients more taste-friendly.

I'll be totally honest.  At first, I kinda felt like it was cheating.  I knew the studies relating high levels of sugar to various illnesses and disorders, and on a personal note, I felt that drinking so much sugar on a cleanse seemed counter-intuitive.

I vowed to make the majority of my juices veggie-centric.  And I started my mission.

When I launched Good Life Juice in 2014, the stark realities of running a business hit me almost immediately.  My original goal was to produce cold-pressed juice recipes filled with at least 75% vegetables, but the market wanted something totally different.  

{ Not everyone was riding the veggie train with me.


A lot of our customers loved the sweeter juice options.  They weren't so thrilled with my husband and I's original ALL YOU NEED recipe.  And so they started requested more fruit.

And that's when I had to make a choice.


The reason I started Good Life Juice...  The very reason I was creating juice recipes in the first place was to help my community achieve better health.  I didn't want to preach at them.  (And I still don't...)  I didn't want to push my customers into drinking recipes they didn't love, either.  I knew our veggie juices would end up sitting on the shelf, and I wasn't ready to throw in the juice towel.

I had a feeling that with time, I could transition our curious juice drinkers into juice junkies!

This is where our reference to the word GATEWAY comes in...

{ Because when it comes down to it, starting with fruit + veggie based juices is better than not starting at all.


It's been almost four years since we launched Good Life JuiceAnd in the last year or so, we've started to see a dramatic shift!!!  Our 100% veggie juices now out-sell our fruity recipes. 

I'm incredibly proud and also very humbled that my original predictions were spot-on.

The customers who've grown with us over the last four years are starting to grow into 100% veggie juices.  And these days, they're no longer craving that sweet side of sugar.


Our customers' palettes have changed.  After a few years of regularly drinking cold-pressed juice, they've developed a taste for vegetables.  Real, whole green juice no longer tastes so unpleasant. 

In fact, it's refreshing and exactly what their bodies' are craving.

At Good Life Juice, our green mission is to move your SWEET-ODOMOTRE along. 

Part of the cleansing process is removing the foods you crave so your body can detox - sure - but drinking cold-pressed juice on the regular without cleansing will also slowly and surely transform your taste buds.  Those sugary treats you used to love will become too sweet.   

Over time, your body will crave less and less sugar and your sweet-tooth will chill out.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with fresh fruit juice. 

I don't care what anyone says... All sugar was NOT created equal.

So when choosing between a daily cold-pressed juice and let's say... WINE...  You might want to choose the 100% veggie-based juice so you can enjoy that miraculous glass of vino in the evening.

Life is about balance.  After all.

Behind The Brand - Andrea Dershin

Behind The Brand - Andrea Dershin