Our Green Mission

Our Green Mission


Our green mission is to move your SWEET-ODOMOTRE

away from the sweet juices and towards the veggie juices. 

When we launched a line of 6, primarily all veggie juices in 2014, we were met with some veggie-resistance. Customer’s had a hard time with the veggie juices and were requesting more and more of the fruity options. We listened, and we added more options they would love. We trusted that if we kept encouraging regulars to try more and more of the veggie options their palettes would change over time. And they did! 

We've seen a dramatic shift!!! 

Our 100% veggie juices now out-sell our fruity recipes every month!

Green veggie juices no longer taste ‘healthy’ or hard to get down - they taste refreshing and exactly what their bodies' are craving.

Over time, as you decrease your sugar intake, and increase your veggie intake, your body will crave less and less sugar and your sweet-tooth will chill out.


We love sweetness in our lives . . .

So we opt for veggie juice and enjoy that miraculous glass of vino or bar of chocolate in the evening.

Life is about balance.  After all.

Behind The Brand

Behind The Brand