Cure Soaps Cleansing Bars

Cure Soaps Cleansing Bars


Happy Friday to you!!!

This week, we added a few new additions to our online shop and specifically to our GOOD BEAUTY section.  We're so excited to introduce you to these gorgeous cleansing bars - made in the way of traditional soap.  These babies are completely all natural, free of any synthetic detergents and gentle enough for the even the most sensitive skin types.  And just in case you love to switch things up in the shower, we've introduce four recipes and will be adding more shortly! 

But first, a little info about the amazing women who make these soaps...


Cure Soaps is a natural beauty company based on Vancouver Island. 

Karianne and Katie are super passionate about the products they create.  In their line, you'll find recovery serums made from organic cold-pressed oils, gentle cleansing bars as well as specialty clay masks from pink and green clays.  Each product is carefully curated and developed by Karianne and Katie personally.  There is absolutely no compromise when it comes to ingredients, and each formulation is created under the philosophy that simple is best and less is actually more.

We love supporting local artisans on Vancouver Island in their quest to make beautiful natural products.  When we met, we become quick friends and have been supporting each other ever since.  So, when we finally decided to introduce a beauty section to compliment our cold-pressed juice recipes, we felt there was no one better suited to the task than Cure Soaps!


So let's talk about these soaps!

Each recipe is made with 100% all natural ingredients and each soap contains a super small ingredient list - which means these cleansing bars are not filled with a combination of ingredients that are just too strong.  Instead, Cure Soaps has kept their ingredient list minimal and most of their soaps contain approximately five ingredients.

These soaps are traditional soap bars and not syn-det bars - which means there are ZERO synthetic detergents included and only high quality cold-pressed carrier oils, as well as essential and botanical oils.  Each soap bar is created in the form of traditional natural soap making with saponified oils.  Depending on the recipe you choose, some soaps are superfatted - which means more oil was added after the saponification process so the soap bars contain more fatty acids and therefore, more healing and moisturizing properties.

Each recipe includes wonder ingredients like activated charcoal and bentonite clay as well as french pink clay, organic coffee grinds for exfoliation and mint.  The recipes are gorgeously creative and trust us when we say this... Your skin will thank you many times over!


Our personal favourite recipes include the activated charcoal cleansing bar with bentonite clay and the rose geranium cleansing bar - made with rose geranium essential oil, pure olive oil and coconut oil to calm and hydrate tired, dehydrated skin - which we can all attest to struggling with this winter.  Holy moly it's cold out there!!!

These soaps are available on our website and in store at Nanaimo Town Centre, so please feel free to pick some up and give them a try!  And of course, we'd love to know what you think so make sure to follow us on Instagram and leave a comment letting us know your thoughts.

And stay tuned...

We're working on a soap giveaway to get these babies into as many hands as humanly possible, because everyone deserves beautiful products made from whole ingredients on their bathroom shelves.  The next time you're shopping for juice, feel free to ad one of these soaps to your cart and we'll deliver everything right to your front door!

It's almost magic.


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