How to Exercise on a Juice Cleanse

How to Exercise on a Juice Cleanse


Exercising on a Juice Cleanse

Just because you’re detoxing doesn’t mean you have to give up on your exercise regime.

When it comes to how much you exercise on a juice cleanse, we’re here to help make it a success. Whether you plan to take it easy, opting for something light, or go full tilt, you can customize your experience to ensure you FEEL GOOD and get the RESULTS you crave.

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If your Goal is to Deeply Detox, Cleanse + Nourish your Body

The most commonly suggested approach from health care providers is to take it easy while on a juice cleanse. This is because your body is consuming less calories and less protein than usual, which can often lead to a lack of energy to work out, as well as insufficient protein to replenish tissues after exercise. Furthermore, if you only consume juice, and not a bite of food, your body will go into detox mode, meaning it is working hard to dispel toxins and “clean house.” You want to allow your body to meet the goal you have set out for it. To Detox.

If your goal is to detox your body of toxins, nourish your cells, heal and repair, then focussing more on the cleanse and less on exercise is the answer. Allow your body to deeply detox by letting the juices do the work.



Some low-impact movements like walking or yoga to relax your mind and gently move your muscles will further help release unwanted toxins and increase your results. Deep breathing and stretching help release toxins on their own - so when coupled with a juice cleanse, your results will increase!

Meditation, self-reflection, gratitude work, baths, self-care practices and introspective work should all be apart of the experience. Taking the mindset that the reason you are doing this is to rid your mind and body of what no longer serves you, while nourishing your mind and body with what does, will help leave you feeling cleansed, calm, and centered.

If the idea of slowing down, taking it easy, and nourishing mind + body is what resonates with you, then opt for either of our traditional Juice Cleanses - The Gateway or Green Junkie. We suggest 3 days.



If you aren’t looking for a Deep Detox, but are looking for a Diet Reset and a Nutrient Boost.

Traditionally, the goal of a juice cleanse is to detox., but that doesn’t have to be the case! There are so many other benefits (which we outline below!) that you get to take advantage of, even if you are consuming a little bit of food, and therefore not going into “detox mode.”

With a few key supplements, healthy fats, and protein to repair and replenish your muscles, you’ll be all set to keep up with your exercise regime.



For those of you health junkies that are really on a roll with your fitness routine, taking a few days off may be really unappealing. We get it! We also get, that opting for a Juice Cleanse can help give you the nutrient boost and diet reboot that could take your results to the next level.

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Tips to Keep Moving While Cleansing


Enjoy some healthy fats - these are a fantastic energy source to power you through your workout. Our Ooh La Latte makes for the perfect choice! Fatty + caffeinated - doesn’t get better than that! Alternatively, if you know you need more fuel, blend one of your juices with a combination of fats (like nut butters, coconut oil and avocado).

Add somme Maca or The Blend - These superfood and adaptogen power house will give you energy and help with gym burn out.


ConsIder adding BCAA’s to your water if that is something you already do. Branch Chain Amino Acids help to boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance. They may also help with weight loss and reduce fatigue after exercise

Electrolytes - Including some electrolytes in your gym water bottle to help you replenish the water and electrolytes you lose during intense exercise is great. Electrolytes help with fluid balance and hydration in our cells, tissues, and our muscles. If you aren’t getting enough, you can end up with muscle cramps after you exercise. Most of our juices are a fantastic source of electrolytes so you can simply add some to you water for a delicious and effective flavoured water!


PROTEIN - Now’s the time to get the protein you need to rebuild and restore your muscles. An easy way is take one of the juices in the cleanse and blend it with a scoop of unflavoured protein powder. Add in a good dose of spinach and a little fruit to make it incredibly filling.

Alternatively opt for a juice paired with a high protein, but plant based snack, like our Tofu Salad Snack.

You may want to consider making 2 of these incredibly amazing smoothies during the day if you are used to a higher calorie diet, or are really crushing it with your intensity level.

We recommend doing a juice cleanse with 2 nut milks - such as our number one selling Gateway Cleanse.

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Juicing and cleansing slows down and even reverses the aging process by oxygenizing the skin and pores, increasing circulation, hydrating your cells and fighting free radicals. Juicing also provides a high concentration of vitamins and minerals that are readily absorbed into the cell walls and tissues of your body where it is needed  most. Green juices are chock full of antioxidants that protect the cells and repair the damage due to free radicals. Take it from us, fancy creams are NO match to what drinking green juices everyday can do for your skin!


Get ready for the flood! Juice cleansing leads to a massive flooding of toxins out of your fat cells. When this flood comes to town, cellulite is noticeably reduced and inches are lost. How does this work? Cleanses give you a boost in live enzymes which help to increase your metabolic rate. This increased metabolic rate not only helps you become more efficient in processing foods, but it also helps you to process the existing food that is still hanging around in your colon, rendering you doubly efficient in digesting food. Unfortunately, you may have a lot of toxic sludge hanging around in there that might be seriously weighing you down. Juicing gets rid of that crap, possibly even pounds worth of that crap! Juicing not only helps to clean out your colon and relieve constipation, but it also helps to give your metabolism a vital boost which ultimately controls your caloric intake. So now you can see that juice cleansing and weight loss are a marriage made in heaven!


Let’s just say it’s all about the chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll oxygenates the blood and is a phytonutrient super hero.  What is this super power, you might ask? It’s a magical eraser of sorts. In other words, chlorophyll attaches to toxins and heavy metals and efficiently removes them from the body. All bodies in general benefit from this process, but especially those bodies on prescription medications or those living in polluted urban cities. Chlorophyll stimulates the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity by stimulating the production of red blood cells making green juice a type of “poor health’s kryptonite.” With chlorophyll in town, poor health just doesn’t stand a chance.


A cleanse will replace the sense of heaviness and lethargy with a sense of buoyancy, energy and vitality.


When the mind is free from fog, clutter, negativity and troubling thoughts, there is room for a sense of calm, focus and creativity to enter. Sugars muddy the mind; alkalinity from juicing reduces sugars and cleans up the mud. Clean away the mud and you are better able to focus, retain information and find your source of inspiration. Add to this the benefits of increased blood circulation to the brain, and you will be more mentally alert and capable of seizing each and every day.


With a juice cleanse, you feel less cranky, moody and depressed and feel more easeful, relaxed and refreshed.


The process of digestion takes more energy than any other function in the body. Every breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and bite means the digestive system has to work hard on your behalf to get the job done. Whenever you fast with juice, your digestive system gets a much-needed time-out. That critical rest renews your energy resources and enables you to more efficiently clean-house as well as heal the body and beautify from the inside out!


Juicing helps increase the nutrient content and antioxidant value in your body helping to protect the immunity system from short-term sickness and long-term illness. Raw juices are full of live enzymes, which support the metabolic enzymes and aid in the maintenance of all the body’s systems (immunity, digestive, excretory, nervous, circulatory, etc). Live enzymes also support the good bacteria of the gut and prevent the loss of critical intestinal flora which further keep your immunity at an all time high. You can always trust your gut and know that good health goes hand in hand with juicing and cleansing.


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