Top 3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Top 3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life



We made it!

The dreariness of a Vancouver Island winter is behind us and spring has sprung! Like a breath of fresh air and sunny smiles, nature is promising new life and new hope. (Plus, we know that summer is only months away - yay!). There is so much newness and vitality fluttering around us, for we can’t help but feel energized. And if spring motivation hasn’t hit you yet . . . don’t worry, we’re here to help you get jazzed about spring cleaning!

It feels so good to open a previously cluttered closet to reveal a tidy one, to step into your summer clothes with confidence, and to experience a sense of relief and accomplishment that mental spring-cleaning can provide.

So let’s get started!


Spring Clean Your Mind

Your mental + emotional health should be a priority. Period.

If you forgot, I’m here to give you a mindful kick-in-the-rear reminder.

We all approach our own mental health differently, just like there’s a not one size fits all solution when it comes to health and fitness. But whatever your approach is, it doesn’t work unless you work it.
There’s no better time to clear out mental and emotional space + prioritize your mental health than right now.

Check out our mental and emotional spring-cleaning checklist to help you get started below!I



1. Stop multi-tasking - it’s not making you more productive, it’s just exhausting

2. Be present with the task or activity in front of you

3. Meditate

4. Practice mindful self-compassion

5. Take a vacation from social media

6. Limit your screen time

7. Be in nature

8. Exercise in a way you LOVE

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Spring can bring the energy we need to exercise more, eat healthier, detox and re-set our diets.

We’re big fans of taking a focused period of time dedicated towards healthier habits.  Even a few days can make a big impact on increasing energy,  ridding  your body of toxins, reducing inflammation and shifting cravings to healthier, wholesome foods.

Spring cleansing your body is as much about what you put in to your body as it is what you take outl

 In the Total Cleansing Guide we created to help our community prepare for a juice cleanse, we give tips on weaning yourself off the big offenders (meat, dairy, sugar, refined carbohydrates) and increasing your intake of fresh veggies, healthy fasts, and of course freshly made juice!

We suggest you take those tips and use them for spring cleaning your health!  



  1. Drink more water

  2. Get some more zzzz’s

  3. Increase your intake of green veggies to 6-8 cups per day

  4. Reduce your intake of sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol and refined carbohydrates (Check out our TCG for tips!)

  5. Exercise in a way you LOVE

  6. Do a Juice Cleanse! Let us take care of detoxing + nourishing your body while you take care of nourishing your mind

  7. Give your physical body a deep clean - dry brushing, salt baths, face masks, deep conditioners


There’s no better gift you can give your self than nourishment on every level!

When you receive a juice cleanse with us, we give you a handy instruction booklet + include tips like the ones above.



3. Clean Your Home

De-Clutter / Get Organized / Change the Energy

Springtime often inspires us to declutter our home and create space in our closets, cleaning away the dust bunnies and forgotten items, thus create an inviting sense of space and calm.

The feeling that comes when you clear away unnecessary clutter is like a giant deep breath of air.  You can feel how it creates more space to physically and emotionally. brings in a sense of calm, and allows you to really relax and enjoy your home on a deeper level. 

No need to go full Marie Condo and Tidy Up EVERYTHING . . . Instead commit to make a few simple changes that can have a big impact. Simply tackling your Tupperware cupboard, donating a bag of clothing, and opening a few windows, can create enough new space to help you breath a little easier.

So open up your windows, crank the tunes, and let’s get going!



  1. Donate any winter clothes you didn’t wear this past season

  2. Pick one kitchen cupboard and de-clutter + organize it

  3. Select the closet in your house that drives you the most crazy - down-size the items and organize them

  4. Wash your bedding and make your bed with care. New sheets never hurt!

  5. Fill a box with books you don’t need and donate them

  6. Wash a few windows to let the spring light shine through

  7. Get a new plant that helps clean the air

  8. Light a candle, turn on a diffuser, bring in some flowers - something to fill a room with a beautiful scent

  9. Open a few windows and let the air flow through your home



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