Same Juice. FRESH New Look.

Same Juice. FRESH New Look.



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We are thrilled to introduce you to our new bottle, and want to show our appreciation for your thirst of the GOOD Life - your thirst for both juice and knowledge! We know y’all love learning the WHY behind what we do, so thought it would be fun to look back and share parts of our journey that we haven’t shared before.

This is actually the 3rd re-incarnation of our bottle or label. And it’s not just our bottle and label that has changed a few times . . .

Did you know we started off as Good Life Cleanse?!

Check out our original bottle, label and logo!



In the early days we focused mostly on cleanses because that’s what we were selling - we were operating out of my house, with no store and no retailers. Packaging our juices just as cleanses is what made the most sense at the time. I was incredibly passionate about helping people kick start a change in their lifestyle and transition to a more plant based diet - and a 3 day Juice Cleanse was (and still is!) a fantastic way to do it. Once we launched I realized how strong the demand was just for juice - so many people loved enjoying a juice each day to help them stay on track . . . the change from cleanse to juice came pretty early on and just felt like the right move.


Another aspect that quickly had to change was our juicer. For the first 6 months we made all of our juice with the original cold pressed juicing machine - The Norwalk. The juicer that started the cold pressed revolution! Great as it was, it was SO SLOW! Thank goodness my parents volunteered so much time pressing veggies! I think our max capacity was 250 juices per day back then.

Thanks to the industrial juicer we purchased along the way, our capacity is now over 1000 bottles per day.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 2.26.53 PM.png


When we launched in 2014, our options for bottle suppliers were very limited. I remember spending days at a time trying to find a bottle supplier that could get me a clear, square bottle, with a black lid. I even tried reaching out to an acquaintance of mine from when I lived in NYC who happened to be dating the founder of the world’s largest raw, cold pressed juice co begging her to find out who his bottle supplier was . . . .

I never did get a response to that email - :)


I eventually found one - thank gawd! I wasn’t comfortable ordering the large minimums required from most manufacturers (hello 30,000 bottles?! Yeah, right!) However, as the FIRST cold pressed juice company on Vancouver Island I was lucky - I could choose the look I loved without having to worry about distinguishing myself from competitors - THERE WERE NONE!!! Not even the pasteurized cold pressed juice options that you can now find just about everywhere.

The first time we received a pallet of juice bottles, it was maybe for a couple hundred bottles, and it arrived to my parents house - or as my dad jokingly calls his garage - The GLJ Storage Facility. It was so exciting, and scary. To have all these containers, and no purchase orders lined up to fill them. My parents later confessed, they brainstormed how they might sell off the bottles if my company was a flop - for some reason my mom thought perhaps they could be used for jam…Thanks MOM!



You know how I mentioned we were the first cold pressed juice co on the island? The only option in any grocery store or online was Good Life…crazy!? Well, 6 or 8 months after we launched a competitor arrived to Victoria. In a very different league than this mom-and-pop operation, they came out of the gates with a BIG BANG! Opening multiple locations during the first year, and quickly expanding across the country. They were on the same shelves as us pretty quickly. They also came out with a square, clear bottle, clear label and a black lid…I’m not gonna lie, it was a bummer! Customers have been confusing our brands ever since…

To say we are beyond thrilled to have our bottle differentiate itself from them is an under-statement. (Cue the happy dance!)

Check out our original 7 flavours we launched with, and our original branding. We sure loved that green splash at the time :)


In the past 5 years, many many more cold pressed juice companies have popped up. Some raw and fresh like ours, and lots of pasteurized versions at the grocery store. If anything, it has helped propel Vancouver Island’s thirst for healthy juice and healthy living. The rapid rate with which our community is turning to a more balanced, healthy approach to eating is phenomenal, and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Despite all the competition, we are proud to still be the BIGGEST COLD PRESSED JUICE BOTTLE ON VANCOUVER ISLAND!

We introduced the new juice flavours below about 1.5 years after we launched.



It has been an interesting evolution, having our brand evolve as we have. Prior to launching, we created a vision and look for the brand, but then as the company evolved so did our look and feel. I think it takes a few years to really feel out who we are and allow our authentic selves to come through. Before you launch, you have an idea of how you want your company to be - but you really can never predict exactly how it will turn out.

Comparing our original brochure, to our current one gives you a good sense of our evolution.

Borchure_Old + New.jpg


To start, we are using up our current labels, but we have new labels designed that will fit the round bottle a little better. We didn’t want to waste what we already had for labels, and since we run out of different flavours at different times, we will gradually start weaving in the new labels. They got a fun refresh as well, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Here’s a sneak peek!

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 2.54.07 PM.png


To celebrate the new bottle we have a contest! We could use your help to share the love, spreading the good word that GOOD LIFE got a new look, and want to reward you for the effort!

For the month of March we are giving away a $50 GIFT CARD EVERY SUNDAY to one lucky winner.

PLAY TO WIN 01.jpg


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XO, Andrea

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