Which Cleanse is Right for You?

Which Cleanse is Right for You?


How do you decide what cleanse is best?


The top 6 FAQs we ask our customers to set them up with the perfect juice cleanse.

1. Why Do you Want to do a Juice Cleanse?

I mostly ask this to suss out if they are only doing it for a quick fix or weight loss.  If that's the case, I will see if I can open their mind to a new perspective. Nourishment, healing, changing their cravings, rebooting their eating habits . . . those are reasons we can all get behind!

I know, I know… This questions has nothing to do with finding the right one, just finding out if I can help shift their perspective.

That's not to say you won't lose weight on a juice cleanse, most people do! And I have absolutely done a juice cleanse when I simply want to lose a few pounds. But the mindset is key - going into with the goal of nourishing your body on a deep cellular body will often inspire you to nourish your mind as well. Our mindset has a dramatic impact on our results. If I can encourage someone to approach their cleanse as an opportunity to slow down, and be compassionate with themselves, chances are, they will experience bigger, longer lasting results. Once you experience the addictive energy that comes from ingesting so many REAL nutrients, you want to keep it up by eating more plant foods.

2. Have you done a Juice Cleanse before?

This will tell me what type of experience they had.  Were they left hungry and need more juice this time? Were there certain juices they didn't enjoy and others they loved? Are you ready to try some more of our veggie juices? Our goal is to keep moving people towards as much veggie juice as possibile, so this is my opportunity to see if they are up for it.

3.  How Active are You?

This is huge.  If you are only drinking 6 juices, one of them being a water based tonic (i.e. Charcoal Lemon-aid), but are a busy mom who loves a sweaty work-out every day, our Green Junkie Juice Cleanse will leave you hungry, cranky, and ready to fight your kids for a few bites of their mac and cheese . . . not a good look. I would suggest incorporating 2 nut milks per day if you are active, so you have one to immediately follow your work out. If the Gateway Cleanse has too many fruity juices, we would come up with a custom cleanse to suit you.  

More Juice = More Results.  

If you are hungry and feeling deprived, those negative emotions will break down as toxins and hold you back from reaching that glorious, soaring, life-is-awesome feeling that can come on a juice cleanse.  More juice will usually lead to more weight loss as well (because of the above). Weight is not as simple as calories in, calories out.  Your mental well being and peace of mind, along with the quality of those calories makes a big impact.

4. Are you a Veggie Fan, or new to Plant Based Eating?

People who eat a ton of veggies and a big variety of veggies, typically love our veggie based juices like Roots Remedy and All U Need.  Those who are new to plant based eating may not.  Our taste buds are drastically effected by sugars, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods. If those foods are in your diet, a carrot just won't taste as sweet as it does to someone who is used to pounding the veggie juice on a regular basis.  Luckily we have so many delicious flavours, everyone will find a juice cleanse that suits them. And, the great news is the more juice you drink, the more you start to shift those cravings and taste buds.  Veggie lovers, get your hands on the Green Junkie cleanse.  New to plant-based eating? Try Gateway, and get ready to fall in love.

5. Are you Worried about Consuming only Juice and want to Incorporate Food as well?

No Problemo.  Try our Quick Fix cleanse.  4 juices per day and then you make yourself a healthy dinner.  There are no rules with this one - so if you love a smoothie for breakfast and don’t want to go with out, then dont! Have a smoothie, then juices, then a light dinner. Try to make your meals plant-based, highly raw, and incorporate lots of healthy fat. (avocado for a snack, or big spoonful of nut butter . . . YUM!).


6. How Long do you want to Cleanse?

9 times out of 10 instead of an answer, I get a question: How long do you think I should cleanse for?

Well, it really depends on your goal and your budget.  If it is in your budget, then I say start with 4 days.  95% of people will say they could have kept going after day 3, so I bet you will want to as well!  Day 3, you and your body are in sync - your body is in detox mode and you are continually flooding it with nutrients. Any day you keep going after 3, your are doubling your efforts.  Anything longer than 6 days people simply miss the ritual of eating too much to continue - so you will want to try a 4 day before you commit to any longer. Keep in mind, even one day will give your body a rest from digesting food and flood your body with nutrients - so do what feels best for you.

Still not sure which juice cleanse is right for you? Please reach out and we will set you up for success!

Much Love - Andrea

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