The Blend - A Powerful Mix

The Blend - A Powerful Mix

It's finally here!!!!

We've been quietly testing our new adaptogenic mix for a few months now...  We've carried it in our juice store and we've sold it at event marketplaces, hoping for honest feedback from our wonderful customers. 

Because the truth is...  We knew this mix was special from day one.


We're so flippin' excited to be finally launching The Blend online!!! 

It's a truly magical thing.  It's absolutely perfect for pretty much everyone in some way or another.  We know that you have enough on your plate - literally.  When it comes to getting all the vital nutrients you need on a daily basis, it can be a challenge. 

It's why Andrea D. started this juice company in the first place.

The last thing some of you want to do is mix and match various potions.  I mean, it can be fun.  Sure... But learning how and when to use adaptogens can be a time-consuming process on it's own - never mind doing it every morning.

We wanted to create a product that would pack a mighty punch in helping you achieve optimum health.  We wanted to take the guess work out of mixing adaptogens and superfoods and most importantly of all, we wanted to make it as convenient and as delicious as possible. 

Introducing The Blend

Ethically-sourced collagen from wild fish on the east coast of Canada, as well as powerful adaptogens and high-quality superfoods have come together to create the ultimate blend for every day.  For everyone.

Designed to be a delicious and versatile upgrade to your morning coffee, healthy smoothies, nurturing elixirs and pretty much anything else you can think of, it's beyond amazing.  In the last few months, we haven't been able to keep this stuff on the shelf.

So what exactly is in such a powerful mixture?!?!?


Yes.  This stuff is very trendy right now.  And for good reason.  A lot of our customers take collagen on the daily to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the health of their hair and nails.  This stuff is the most abundant protein in the body.  As we age, our natural levels of collagen begin to decrease. 

Collagen helps to increase elasticity in the skin and it will increase the rate of hair growth as well.  Every single member of the Good Life Juice team has experienced huge success by supplementing daily with our pure collagen protein.


A powerful adaptogenic trio - we sell both Maca and Reishi separately in our pantry section - to nourish and build strength in the immune system, these herbs will help to manage your daily stress levels by calming your nervous system and will work to keep your body in a vital state of balance.

Our customers love each of these ingredients, but we wanted to make a convenient alternative to having to mix the two.  We also added Ashwaganda, and we're pretty much smitten!


Naturally low on the glycemic index, stevia and lucuma add just a hint of sugar-free sweetness to this magical mixture. 


Made from the nutrient dense bran of brown rice, Tocotrienols makes a deliciously creamy base for all of the superfoods in this blend.

It is rich in vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant - which helps build healthy skin and keep those connective tissues healthy and strong.  

If you like to take cream and sugar in your morning coffee, and you're wanting to ween yourself from the calories and artificial sweetness taste, this mixture is the perfect solution to those meantime cravings.

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