Sparking Good Intentions for 2019

Sparking Good Intentions for 2019



There’s really no getting around it.

It’s practically a part of human condition - to at least think about New Year’s Resolutions, irregardless if we set them or not!

I’m not really into setting resolutions per se, but I am into setting a few intentions for the year. I approached setting my intentions for 2019 by diving into a particular word and branching out from there. The word for me was honour - it has been popping up so much it felt like a whining child that just needed a little attention . HONOUR - I couldn’t escape it . . .

I think part of the reason it grabbed my attention is my desire to be more brave when it comes to standing up for myself - even when it means having to face conflict. (EEEK!) You see, my people pleasing tendencies sometimes keep my mouth shut, even when it leaves me feeling like I dis-honoured my personal and professional values by doing so. Needless to say, it was actually fun and felt empowering to setting the intention of being brave in 2019!

As for setting the intention to Honour my Health -I’m gonna be honest - that part was fun. :) I love setting healthy intentions, talking about health, and tweaking a few things that will help me FEEL GOOD. I’m a health geek who’s habits are not always a constant, but fluctuate from time to time, so I’m ready to get back on track to feeling fine after a holiday hiatus.


Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, I, like many people, am craving a period of clean, healthy eating. I want to honour my body for allowing me to enjoy all the holiday cocktails and Christmas cookies that December had to offer – it’s been delicious detour from my otherwise balanced way of eating. I’m going to thank my body for coming to the party by giving it a good dose of nutrition.

I don’t believe in setting unattainable New Year’s resolutions that only set us up for more stress and disappointment when they can’t be reached. I do however, believe in setting intentions around FEELING GOOD and think there is nothing wrong with using this time of year as a reason to focus on your health. This is something I deeply value - Feeling Good. Eating foods and drinking juices that fuel my body with REAL nutrition. It translates to feeling energized, confidant and sexy in my skin.

I’m busting out our trusty Total Cleansing Guide, and following our tips for WEAN WEAK. Although the guide was designed to help you prepare for a juice cleanse, it’s really a just a guide for clean, plant-based eating.

The 2 main offenders I need to WEAN myself off of for a while is processed sugar and refined carbohydrates

After a week or 2 of being sugar-free i’ll top it off off with a Green Junkie Juice Cleanse. That’s my tried and true recipe for honouring my body and feeling good– I’ve used it time and time again to reboot and feel healthy. The Green Junkie cleanse is veggie heavy and light. After a few days of consuming such a high amount of veggie nutrients it makes it easy for me to stay off the sugar and eat more veggies.

Anyone could adopt our tips in the TCG as little or long as they like. They are free, and they are there for the taking! Taking a break from processed sugar, refined carbohydrates and booze, and replacing them with more veggies, fresh juice and healthy fats is my personal golden ticket to the good life and if it’s yours, don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help in any way.


This is the resolution I feel equally excited and nervous to act upon. This one is going to take way more courage to see through - cause it’s further out of my comfort zone. Over the past few years I have gained clarity when it comes to my personal and professional values. But knowing my values and honouring my values are two very different things.

You see, I looooove to avoid conflict. I love it so much, I’ll shove aside what I know is best for moi, just to avoid a little icky conflict. I also tend to worry too much about what other’s think - another reason why I might put my values on the back burner. But thanks in part, to the word honour, being at the forefront of my mind- I’m feeling ok with a lil’ discomfort in order to stand up for what I want. I am setting the intention to honour myself, my beliefs, and my values more in 2019, while simultaneously being kind with myself in the process.

That’s the beauty of setting intentions over resolutions - it leaves a lot more room for self-compassion and success. It’s not about setting hard rules or unrealistic expectations, it’s simply about shinning a light in the direction you want to go, and taking a few steps forwards.

Here’s to you, and setting your intentions for 2019 - whatever they may be. May you head off in the direction you want to go - I’ve got a good feeling this year is gonna be a good one!

XO, Andrea

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