Good Life Juice Side Hustles

Good Life Juice Side Hustles


All about the hustle.

I can’t help but feel like a proud mama-boss when it comes to the team at GLJ. They are the and truly embody one of our core values at GLJ - to be all about that hustle. It’s our way of saying we value hard work, an entrepreneurial mind-set, and always thinking of creative ways to get things done. And when it comes to our team, they don’t just hustle in the Good Life Juice kitchen, they hustle when they get home too!

They’ve got side hustles that aren’t just good - they’re great!!!

I felt it was my duty to introduce you!

I fondly refer to these lovely people as the 3 NICS - Nick, Nikki, and Nicco - and every day they’re hustling.


Nicolina Kolster

Creator + Maker - Matka Essentials

Originally from the far away lands of Finland, Nicco primarily works at Good life Juice as a kitchen-lead on production days.

She’s known for her ability to get shit done!

The girl can hustle like no other. This beauty ain’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work - a quality we absolutely love!

Before we were lucky enough to have Nicco on our team, she was living in Finland, and studying skin care in a fairly traditional 3 year cosmetology and aesthetics program. This is where she mastered the use of conventional product and practices.

It wasn’t until she was doing her apprenticeship, that she was exposed to a more holistic approach to the skin - an approach that resinated with her much more deeply than the traditional approach.

Nicco credits the woman she apprenticed under for introducing her to aromatherapy and how to use natural ingredients in products - this new inspiration also fueled Nicco to go on to become a registered holistic nutritionist.

Overtime, she came to learn that there is no single one-fits-all solution when it comes to achieving great skin, but rather, several aspects that should be considered and addressed when dealing with any form of skin condition - diet, the digestive system, our hormones, overall stress levels and the skin care products we use, should all come into play. As someone who struggled with acne and a host of other skin concerns growing up, Nicco loves encouraging other people with skin troubles to not give up, but instead try a more holistic approach to healing.

She was able to create products and obtain the necessary knowledge to heal her body and she loves helping others do the same.

Nicco’s love for making face oils, masks and body scrubs for herself recently grew from being a passion into a business as friends, clients and co-workers started asking her to make them products. From there, Matka Essentials was born.

Nicco not only makes wonderful skin care products, she also meets with clients one on one to help people with difficult skin problems find a holistic solution.

Find our more at Matka Essentials and on Facebook


Nicolette Sparks

Raw Chocalatier and Creator - Wild Chocolate Tree

Nikki has been with me since almost the beginning.

Her job title is officially “Wearer of Many Hats” and she is my main collaborator when it comes to recipe development. She’s also head of customer service, shop gal extraordinaire, and pretty much does a little of everything. She is the calm to my storm and it takes a lot to ruffle this gal’s feathers.

Originally from Guelph Ontario, it was there that Nikki received her Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Nutrition.

Nikki has been interested in nutrition from a young age, and after completing her schooling, she moved out west- trusting that she would find work with a natural health company - and luckily for us, she did!!

Nikki’s talent for cooking and recipe development was evident early on, but when she started bringing in her chocolate concoctions into the store, we were all kinda blown away. Along with being chillaxed, she is also incredibly humble - so who knows what other talents lie beneath that modest facade?!?!

Nikki started playing around with making chocolate when she was in University - favoring very dark chocolate with lots of herbs, super foods and adaptogens. A fan of 90% dark chocolate, there wasn’t many options for her - and certainly not any that were raw and packed with so many healing ingredients. Nikki sources wild-crafted and organic ingredients, creating chocolate so good it’s medicinal.

You can find her on social @wildchocolatetree and her bars and boxes can be found in the shop.


Nickolas Graham

Founder + Creator - The Ferment King

Nick had been working in the weight loss industry for a few years, when he decided to leave his job and attend the the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. He knew a lot of what he had been learning was related to diet and fitness culture and not what he believed to be a true health and wellness mentality - he wanted to know the facts about holistic health and not just diet health.

To support him while in school, he landed a part-time job in the Good Life Juice kitchen, thinking it would just carry him along while in school, but he wasn’t able to fly under the radar for long.

He quickly moved up the ladder, eventually becoming operations manager and my right hand man.

Nick is known for being a kind and supportive leader and one who loves to recognize the greatness in others. He celebrates the good + over comes the bad with a little sass and a lotta style. :)

Nick figured out early on that he loved helping people reach their health goals, and the more he learned about gut health, the more he focussed his efforts on learning everything he could. He discovered how the gut really dictates all aspects of one’s health. Even for a beginner health junkie - focussing on the fundamentals of gut health brings balance to all body systems - and can really benefit how you feel on a daily basis.

It also helped that he found fermented foods - the pinnacle of gut health - really fun to make.

Kimchi and sauerkraut are definitely two of his specialties, and items I have been personally buying from him for the past year.

Like Nick, I try to eat a fermented food at least once per day - but Nick’s much better at it than I am… He’s a fan of having one at breakfast with eggs and avocado toast, next to salad or on a veggie burger for lunch, or on stir-fry’s or side dish for dinner.

An avid cook, Nick started making bone broth for his wife as a way for her to easily absorb key minerals and bring back balance to her endocrin system. Finding locally made bone broth sourced from quality ingredients can be tricky. Thankfully, Nick puts in the necessary time and resources (he’s in charge of all of our ordering) to go the extra mile. He’s even used the odds and ends the used organic produce in our juice kitchen in his broth. A great tip for anyone making broth of any kind - ends trimmings work mighty fine and are a great way to be resourceful.

Nick is passionate about bringing balance into people’s life through food.

He works with individuals one on one - guiding them on how to utilize their bodies’ natural ability to heal itself and bring balance back to where there is in-balance. He encourages others to make small manageable changes and helps his clients reach their goals through diet and lifestyle recommendations, meal planning, and personal coaching sessions.

Find him on FB @ FermentKing and Instagram.

His kimchi and bone broth are available now in the shop - while quantities last.


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