Soup + Juice Cleanse

Soup + Juice Cleanse



My desire to do a soup + juice cleanse manifested this fall on my 3 Day Solo Retreat . . . A few days of self care stirred up a deep desire to take care of my health on a cellular level and just FEEL GOOD. With the cold and the rain starting to seep into my bones, I knew I needed to include some deeply warming and nourishing broths along with my juices. I did a lot of reminiscing on that 3 day solo retreat, including to the last time I had been away on my own - turns out, way back, when I lived in Beijing. It was then that I did my first cleanse. My Chinese friend and herbalist would make us a broth + juice cleanse every winter from grounding root veggies, herbs and medicinal mushrooms. I always came out of it feeling absolutely incredible.

Luckily I perfected that Chinese medicinal broth last year - I call it my Mushroom Magic Broth. So I whipped up a batch of that along with a Nourishing Coconut Healing Broth that I rely on regularly in the winter. For 4 days straight I consumed a selection of 4 of our veggie juices, and a cup of each of the broths - topped off with a Mylk Chocolate for dessert.


It turned out to be one of the most satisfying and effective cleanses I have done to date - so much so I am going to hop on another one for 3-5 days next week. Want to join me?!!? It is such a fantastic way to gain energy, shift your cravings towards whole plant foods, maybe lose a few pounds, and sashay into holiday parties feeling fabulous. It will help your body stay strong and healthy - ready ward off whatever cold and flu bug may have crossed your path. Plus, the warming soups keep you from going into full-on detox mode so you won’t be as hangry or achey as you might get on a regular juice cleanse. Check out

Mushroom Magic Broth + Nourishing Coconut Healing Broth

I suggest you cook and freeze the broths in the days leading up to your cleanse. They are best consumed within 3 days of making them, and when you are on a cleanse I would rather you use your down time for relaxing, taking hot baths, getting a massage or grabbing a yoga class over cooking soup! During those few days leading up to it, be sure and check out our Total Cleansing Guide for lots of great tips to prepare, eat healthy, and get the most effective results.


I am a huge fan of doing a reboot at the beginning of December. I think of this time of year as preparing my body for battle. When the holiday season hits, I am busy with social events, kid stuff, and more eating and drinking than other times of the year. Less time for cooking wholesome meals, less time for self-care. So I like to get ahead! Give my body a healthy head-start, so come January I am not feeling desperate for change.


  • Increased energy

  • A break from inflammatory foods (refined carbohydrates + processed sugar)

  • An opportunity to break unhealthy habits

  • Shift cravings towards wholesome, plant-based foods

  • An increase in vitamin, nutrient + mineral consumption

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Reduced bloating + improved digestion

  • Connect with a sense of self-care and the ritual of being good to your body

Order a selection of juices - perhaps 4 per day for 3-4 days. You can check out our Quick Fix Cleanse for a pre-set of 4 juices, OR make any selection you like by Shopping Juices. We are always here for you to help customize, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

How you go about it is up to you. I like to stagger it so I have one soup for lunch and one for dinner. And I can’t go without a mini Mylk Chocolate for dessert!

Much Love,

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