Goals With Soul - Desire Map Workshop

Goals With Soul - Desire Map Workshop


Sunday January 28th - 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

When you think of the word GOAL - what comes up for you? High fives or disappointment, perhaps... Excitement and anxiety all wrapped in one...

I get it.  I've definitely been there.  And to honest, I'm always working at it.  In this workshop, you'll learn valuable new ways to set goals and you'll focus on the heart of the matter instead of the noise. 

How do you want to feel?!?!


I love setting goals.  I am amazing at setting goals!  I am a goal-setter extraordinaire.  When I think of setting goals I get all jazzed up.


Prioritizing which goals I should focus on, holding myself accountable and fulfilling those goals is whole other story...  Last year, along with an onslaught of new growths and changes in my business, it become very clear that in order for me to get clear on my goals and learn the appropriate steps needed to achieve them,  I really needed some help. 

I feel like most days, I have 47 bajillion tabs open in my brain...  I can easily just mess about on all of them - without really ever completing anything. 

A tool I've recently incorporated into my daily routine is the practice of keeping regular of to-do lists.  As soon as I get to work - before I do anything else like open emails, water my plants or go on a social media platform  - I sit down with my steaming cup of herbal tea or coffee and put pen to paper.

I have numerous spiral-bound notebooks, and each day I take 30-45 minutes to write down everything I want to work on that day.  From there, I star the priorities.  This is my quiet reflective time...  I sip my tea, think things through and keep adding items until I feel really sure I have it all written down - and then I always start with the easiest item to cross off. 


I have learned that I work best in time blocks.

Especially when it comes to email and social media.  I time-block my inbox then turn my mail off on my computer for a few hours while I knock out all the priorities that have to get done.  It's easy to always feel like email is the most important thing...  But it can be an endless rabbit hole. 

And finally...  I ask for help.

I went far too long alone and for no good reason.  Now I have a business coach I talk to every week, and I try to make self-improvement and workshops a priority.  It's not just about attending the workshop.  It's about building a community you can lean on.  I'm always excited to meet the other women in the room.  We all need support to see clearly.

What I love about Desire Mapping is that it really helps you figure out what you core desired feelings are with a renewed sense clarity.  Not only that, but you don't have to go it alone anymore.  

Based on the best-selling book by Danielle Laporte - The Desire Map workshop will help you discover your Core Desired Feelings with inspiration and clarity.  You'll gain actionable insight and discover the steps it takes to generate a life that FEELS the way you want it to feel.

We'll be in touch following your payment to let you know all the details.  This workshop will be held at Good Life Juice in Nanaimo.  Our address is 125-4750 Rutherford Rd in Nanaimo Town Centre.

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