Eat Fat + Feel Great Workshop

Eat Fat + Feel Great Workshop


What if we were to tell you that about sixty years ago, science kind of made a mistake.

Would you believe us!??!

Science told us fat was bad.  And we believed it.

While we're on the topic, science also told us that we should consume 6-10 servings of
carbohydrates a day.  So you know... We'll just leave it there.

Now, we know better.  Time is awesome, isn't it!??!?  We know that sugar is actually what causes high cholesterol in the body - not good fat.  We know that science was wrong and we're excited to re-introduce you to healthy fats on a whole new level.

Because eating healthy fats is good for you.  There, we said it.

Red Seal Chef and Registered Holistic Nutritionist Christina Acevedo will speak about the epidemic of type 2 diabetes and how this illness correlates to what you're consistently putting in your body.  She'll cover what you can do to increase your chances of avoiding these terrible diseases.


Not only that, but Christina will also explain where science went wrong so many years ago.  We'll learn why it’s important to take part in our wellbeing and own our health instead of  just leaving it to the experts.

When you leave this workshop, you'll feel confident that eating good fat is actually a really good idea - and so much more.  We can't wait to see you there!!!  


Sunday April 8th - 9AM to 11AM


the Good Life Juice shop in Nanaimo Town Centre

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