A Beginner’s Guide to Fermentation

A Beginner’s Guide to Fermentation

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A process originally used to preserve foods and create unique flavours, fermentation has been a tool used by every foodie for centuries.  Remember when your grandparents had that dark, walk-in closet deep in the basement with cans and jars of... stuff!??!  We certainly do.

In recent years, the health community has discovered that fermented foods contain powerful, life-giving probiotics, enzymes and phytonutrients that help to maintain an all-important balance of microbes in our gut. 

Since then, it has become somewhat of a buzzword - but for good reason!

We believe this stuff actually works!

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Learn how these incredible concoctions can improve brain function, increase energy and cardiovascular health and balance the function of your gut - helping to rid the body of pesky irritations.  Not only that, but we'll provide you with two standby recipes.

Learn to make your own sauerkraut and kombucha!

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Available for purchase is a DIY kit so you'll have everything you need to ferment your own foods at home.  We're teaming up with the ferment king himself - Nickolas Graham of @fermentking on Instagram - a registered holistic nutritionist from Nanaimo who has perfected the art of fermentation.  Nick is also the manager here at Good Life Juice...   We're super excited for you to get to know our favourite humans!!  He just happens to be one of them. 

Nick is committed to restoring the body's natural ability to heal.

Photos curtesy of Meghan Unger Photography.

Foods taken from the earth are often the simplest, tastiest and most beautiful. - Nickolas Graham

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

9AM to 11AM

@ Good Life Juice in Nanaimo, BC

If you'd like to attend this workshop, simply click the bottom below and register your spot.  We're very much looking forward to seeing you there!

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